Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why you won't hear about Westland meat packing in Chino any more

This is a follow-up to a story that spread around the country a few months ago.

The Daily Bulletin reports what happened to the Westland meat packing plant after the meat recall:

The Chino meat slaughterhouse that was at the center of the nation's largest meat recall is up and running again, though under new management, a new name, and a whole lot more oversight.

The former Westland/Hallmark plant, on the corner of Yorba and Schaefer Avenues, is now under the ownership of American Beef Packers, Inc., led by two business partners Pat Carrigan and Marvin Roberts, both from Arizona.

The co-owners opened up the plant under their company last November....

Beef Packers knew it had to prove itself apart from Westland as its own company. They did so by establishing extensive training of their employees and hiring a company to analyze 24-hour surveillance video of all the live pen areas of the plant.

After nearly five months in business, Carrigan says the dark cloud left at the plant by the former company is finally lifting.

More here.

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