Thursday, April 2, 2009

Don't run afoul of the business license folks

I had some European houseguests a couple of days ago, and they expressed a desire to go to Sizzler. (Hey, I was up for it.) Several Sizzlers in my area have closed, but the one at Mountain and Philadelphia in Ontario is still open. When I got there, I couldn't help but notice that their alcoholic beverage license had been suspended for violating the law with regard to the sale of alcoholic beverages. Presumably, Sizzler had been caught selling booze to underage people. While our party survived (the majority of us were under the age of 21 anyway), having big "suspended" signs all over the place probably doesn't do wonders for your business.

Especially if your business is a bar:

The Chronic Cantina sports bar may have a lot to prove to city officials in order to stay in business.

The Planning Commission last week approved a resolution to revoke the business' conditional use permit. The action may force the bar to close its doors.

In this case, however, it isn't a case of selling booze to 20 year olds. No, not quite:

There have been more than 70 police service calls since the Chronic Cantina opened in January 2008, with more than 25 people being arrested, according to the commission report.

The activities include two attempted murders, two carjackings, three felonious assaults, 14 other types of assaults, one discharging a firearm, four auto thefts, four vehicle burglaries, five thefts, three driving under the influence, five public intoxications and 33 disturbances.

Interestingly enough, things like attempted murder may not be the items that caused the Planning Commission to act.

A meeting was held in December between the owners of Chronic Cantina and city officials to discuss the crime issues, litter, posting of unpermitted advertising posters, weeds, as well as missing landscape, lack of parking lot striping and an unpermitted temporary sign....

You can try to kill anyone you want, but if you put up an unauthorized poster, we're gonna nail you...

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