Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inland Empire Tourism Council

If you perform a Google search for the terms "inland empire" (and exclude the term "movie"), one of the first sites that you'll hit is http://www.visitinlandempire.com/:

Southern California's Inland Empire offers both the vacationer and the conventioneer unparalleled beauty and recreation, history and culture, arts and entertainment, and, of course, shopping. In a sunny Mediterranean climate, Riverside and San Bernardino counties boast rolling hills, forested mountains, broad deserts, open valleys, and cosmopolitan cities.

In other words, the usual half-truths served up by the sunnily positive people. Try using the term "Mediterranean climate" when the temperature tops 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

This site is sponsored by the Inland Empire Tourism Council. They're kind of nooma about who they actually are, though.

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