Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The taxis in Ontario are more expensive than I thought

I tend to use shuttles when I travel to and from airports, but after some less-than-stellar experiences with shuttle companies, I'm starting to think about using taxis instead.

So I asked myself the question - how much would it cost to take a taxi from my Ontario home to Ontario International Airport?

To answer this question, I consulted a website called For Ontario, the site helpfully provided a list of popular destinations. I selected "Ontario International Airport" as my starting destination, entered an address in my neighborhood as my ending address, and waited for the estimated taxi fare.

The estimate? $5,986.50.

This seems kind of high, but if you've lived in Ontario for a while, the results are not surprising. Here's what happened.

Yup, it's another example (here's a previous one) of a web search engine using the wrong Ontario as a starting point. (When I input the actual address for Terminal 4, the fare was around $20.)

Incidentally, that $5,986.50 doesn't include the tip, which brings the total above $6,800. But it beats walking, which would take about 952 hours, 31 minutes and cost around 238131 calories. While walking is healthy, that might be a little too much health.