Friday, April 24, 2009

Smogdance 2009 in Pomona

David Allen said some things about Smogdance, so I figured I'd better go to and find out what's going on.

The big news, of course, is that the event will be held at the new (old?) Fox Theater in Pomona. In fact, this will be the first public event at the newly-restored theater.

And they've got a ton of films over the three-day period. Here's what's on tap for Friday:

Pomona Queen (Rodriguez/Animation, 1 min.) - Shameless promo for local brew

Puppets of War (Keller/Animation, 7 min.) - Animation in hyper drive to the lyrics of Offspring

The Constant Process (Hunter/Documentary, 20 min.) - Vision of Community from the perspective of a Gay, Episcopalian, Woman priest

The Re-Bourne Identity (Hendry/Comedy, 7 min.) - Adventures of the lesser known Bourne

Holding Hands (Meyer/Open/Experimental, 15 min.) - Adverse consequences negate a playful prank for an inter-racial couple

Bresson & Adeline (Jarvis/Open/Experimental, 6 min.) - Visual poem of two children who would be

Timmy Wheels (Sandoval/Documentary, 5 min.) - Focus on a ULV student who overcomes his physical challenges

My Brother's Keeper (Richert/Comedy, 16 min.) - Detroit siblings learn the meaning of brotherly love

And that's BEFORE the intermission. See the rest of the Friday schedule, and the Saturday and Sunday schedules, here.

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