Friday, January 30, 2009

Rhino Records at night

Downtown Claremont.

Arby's Daily Deals in Upland

The Arby's at Mountain and Arrow in Upland, California (599 North Mountain) has a series of Daily Deals.

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For example, Thursday's Daily Deal is a roast beef sandwich for $1.50.

I tried to get a picture of all the daily deals, but it didn't come out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Now that will be an interesting retirement dinner

M-M-M-My Pomona reports that there will be a retirement dinner for former Pomona Police Chief Joe Romero.

There will be a retirement dinner for Chief Joe Romero on Thursday evening, Feb. 5 at Sheraton Fairplex. The cost of the dinner is $55 per person. The no-host social hour is at 6:00 pm with the dinner at 7:00 pm.

For more information contact Beth Brooks of the Pomona Rotary at (909) 629-3477 email, or via mail at P.O. Box 7787 La Verne, CA 91750. The event is being coordinated by Virginia Madrigal of the Pomona Breakfast Optimists Club.

As I noted previously, said "retirement" was forced. I haven't really kept up with the story, but the aforementioned M-M-M-My Pomona did, and Monica Rodriguez wrote about it in the Daily Bulletin. Rodriguez, on December 30, 2008:

[M]any city residents have spent the holiday season wondering what is going on at City Hall and what prompted the firing of Police Chief Joe Romero, who was fired Dec. 9.

He was not given a specific reason for his termination, Romero has said.

The separation was later characterized by both the city and Romero in separate statements as a voluntary retirement.

The retirement, which goes into effect at the end of the year, came after more than 33 years of service and 28 months left on his contract.

Residents upset about Romero's treatment have indicated they could be pursuing the recall of four council members - Mayor Elliott Rothman and council members Freddie Rodriguez, Cristina Carrizosa and Steve Atchley - all of whom were present when Romero's employment was discussed Dec. 4 in closed session.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where the streets are paved with bargains

Circuit City near Montclair Plaza, going out of business.

I guess we can...


The 7 Eleven at San Antonio & 9th in Upland isn't just selling Obama water.

"Obama on Board" is a bit much...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free San Bernardino County Museum admission February 1

Just saw this:

The public is invited to visit the San Bernardino County Museum on Sunday, February 1, with no admission fees. This free day is sponsored by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Visitors will enjoy a special exhibit, “Hanging with the Museum, art by museum staff and volunteers,” and displays of specimens and artifacts that interpret local history, anthropology, geology, paleontology, and biological sciences in a regional context.

The Museum Store, open noon to 5pm, features unique merchandise that relates to museum collections and exhibits, including outstanding selections of books, learning toys, rocks and minerals, teacher resources, and gifts. The Exploration Station is open from 1 to 4pm.

The San Bernardino County Museum is at the California Street exit from Interstate 10 in Redlands. The museum is open from 9am to 5pm. Everyone is admitted free on Sunday, February 1, Parking is free. For more information, visit

The San Bernardino County Museum is accessible to persons with disabilities. If assistive listening devices or other auxiliary aids are needed in order to participate in museum exhibits or programs, requests should be made through Museum Visitor Services at least three business days prior to your visit. Visitor Services’ telephone number is 909-307-2669 ext. 229 or (TDD) 909-792-1462.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

More IE content on YouTube, but from old guys (and a few gals) who live out East

The big news on the tubes earlier this week was Congress' move to YouTube to communicate with constituents.

NewTeeVee talked about it:

Move over Judson Laipply and Tay Zonday, there’s a new crop of YouTube stars gunning for you. Their name? The United States Congress. In conjunction with the 111th session of Congress kicking off today, YouTube is launching channels for the Senate and the House of Representatives....

[T]hese YouTube channels are pretty cool. You can click on a map of the country to bring up videos from your representatives, go “behind the scenes,” and even post a question. Hopefully this open forum won’t be ruined by the often-moronic comments YouTubers typically post (”U R DUMB. I H8 TAXEZ!”), and perhaps this won’t be just another empty new media gesture Congressional reps undertake to make themselves look more transparent.

Then ReadWriteWeb started to look at the channels:

One trend we noticed on a lot of these pages, however, was that quite a few Senators and Representatives decided not to allow comments on their videos. We would hope that more of our elected officials would value comments from their constituents.

So this raises the question - what are our Inland Empire officials doing?

Joe Baca was already on YouTube on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus YouTube channel. And yes, they allow comments.

But as for the HouseHub itself, part of the channel's page - presumably, the map - has been blocked by a corporate firewall, which makes searching pretty hard. Although I was unable to find a Joe Baca channel, Baca is not only on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus channel, but also often appears on a channel called CuidadanoAmericano. And yes, that's Cuidadano, not Ciudadano.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Magazine scam in Redlands

The Inland Empire Crime Blog published this alert:

The Redlands Police wish to alert residents to a fraudulent magazine sales campaign reported late last week.

A resident reported that two young women came to his residence near Redlands High School selling magazine subscriptions allegedly to raise funds for Cal State San Bernardino’s women’s basketball team and a tournament trip to Hawaii.

The women provided information about the school’s basketball program which is easily available on the school’s athletics website.

Cal State San Bernardino Associate Athletic Director Mike Murphy was alerted to the scam and confirmed to Redlands Police that Cal State is holding no such fund raising effort and the school’s women’s basketball program has no plans for an upcoming tournament in Hawaii.

Police caution residents to ask solicitors to show their business licenses before signing up or donating money. If the cause is one you wish to contribute to, contact the organization directly and confirm they are raising money. Never submit to high-pressure tactics to convince you to contribute immediately.

If residents are suspicious of solicitors in their neighborhoods they should call the police.

Not that I'm about to ask Howard Snider for his business license.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spirit of the season, 75% off

Longs Drug, Haven & Baseline, Rancho Cucamonga.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Paperless, with wide screen!

Directory at Montclair Plaza, between Socal Styles and Hot Topic.

Just bought Midnight Juggernauts' "Dystopia" at f.y.e. (see my posts in Empoprise-MU).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Log this correction on the Earthquake in San Bernardino, California

About an hour after the earthquake hit, the magnitude was downgraded to a 4.5.

Despite the relatively low Richter rating, the earthquake got coverage in many places, including the Inquisitr ("The quake was centered about a mile south of San Bernardino, and was felt across Los Angeles, San Pedro and Orange County").

Obviously it got local coverage also from places such as Franklin Avenue, Life in Claremont (who pointed out that there was a much more damaging 6.1 earthquake in Costa Rica), and Claremont Insider.

But the best thing I read last night was a tweet from @yuglook:

Wonder if any of my students felt the earthquake. Might be interesting to an earthquake problem since we just learne d about logarithms.

That's a teacher...always educating.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Earthquake in San Bernardino, California

Thanks to Caroline (@thevixy) for this link.

It occurred at 7:49:46 pm local time, 1 mile south of San Bernardino (34.113 N, 117.294 W). I was sitting on a couch at home in Ontario and felt a quick jolt.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life isn't easy in Rancho Cucamonga

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I know a young person who live in Rancho Cucamonga. This young person is literally afraid of certain neighboring towns, such as Fontana and my home town of Ontario. Even when in the new developments in north Fontana, or in the Armsley Square area of Ontario, I think this young person fears that there is danger lurking around every corner.

Well, it turns out that the young person's home town isn't the safest place either.

The changes to the picturesque suburb near Caryn Elementary School came slowly.

At first, residents kept to themselves and limited outdoor activities. Then they started installing security cameras and alarm systems. During the darkest hours, they received death threats. One resident suffered three broken ribs.

Neighbors in this small community consisting of Eagle Peak Place, Mt. Ritter and Mt. Palomar streets say the erratic behavior of one household has turned their lives topsy-turvy.

An independent lawyer, acting as the hearing officer of a nuisance abatement hearing, agreed and said these neighbors have, for years, been living "under siege."...

Neighbors Sergio and Teri Martinez said [Carlos] Herrera would race his car toward them before stopping inches away.

Another neighbor, Robert Santa Cruz, said Herrera shattered the windows and slashed the tires of his car....

At times, police would arrest Herrera for his actions and several neighbors put restraining orders against him.

But then again, perhaps the young person is right.

Carlos Herrera and Jennifer Mason are the subjects of the city's first nuisance abatement proceeding, which took place in October.

The city of Rancho Cucamonga has been in existence for 30 years or so, and this is the first nuisance abatement proceeding? I don't have stats, but I'm sure that Ontario and Fontana have had more than one of those in the last 30 years.

More at the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Richard (Dick) Mandella and his detractor(s)

Way back on June 26, 2008, I wrote a locally-focused blog post that was a follow-up to a Sharon Cobb post about horse racing deaths.

To achieve the local focus to make it suitable for my Empoprise-IE blog, I concentrated on Richard (Dick) Mandella.

The post generated no comments until December 27, 2008, when (possibly as a result of Google searches on "Dick Mandella") it got two comments (from unverified users Julio and Jesus) in the course of twenty-five minutes. Comments from unverified users James, Bob, and Paul followed in the next few days. I have no way of knowing whether these are one person or five, but they all dealt with similar topics - the nature of trainers in general, and Mandella in particular. Here's Paul on Mandella:

He can be mean, condescending and arrogant. look at video -thoroughbred racing stables, treat Becky Wysmans poorly on HRTV interview. two faced.

And here's what Bob said:

Mexican backside workers and their deplorable living conditions have been investigated by state govts. much to the chagrin of race track operators (claiming its not their responsibility since the mexicans work for independent trainers), and trainers who pay them very little to maximaze their own profits through purses won and day rates. Millions are spent on each horse, yet the very people who love and care for them are paid little, live in cinderblock tack rooms, and disgusting bathrooms with used toilet paper strewn everywhere. A far cry from luxurious Turf Club them the rich owners see and the public see on the network/cable TV show propaganda. Trainers including the one featured above need to fully apprise the public/owners of their employees, their pay/stakes, their living conditions etc....many are smooth talkers who say one thing and do something else.

I thought I'd see if there were other Mandella criticisms in the blogosphere, and here's what I found. From a Louisville interview of "MJ":

Nick Zito is a guy, like Dick Mandella, I've always had a lot of (regard) for because they've been good to me whenever we'd spoke.

And from a betting blog:

One of the trainers who took [Richie] Migliore in and gave him choice mounts was Hofmanns, who put him on a fast, talented young colt named Desert Code. The colt and Mig hit it off right from the start.

“I’m so happy for Mr. Hofmanns, to see him get rewarded for all the hard work,” Carmela [Migliore] said. “He’s one of the honest guys and he, along with Bill Spawr, believed in Richie and put him on all his horses. Dick Mandella also helped Richie get started. So, if we had to trade [the horse] Artie Schiller [whom Richie couldn't ride earlier because of an accident] for Desert Code I’d gladly take it, and maybe that’s why Richie had to back out of my driveway that day. Maybe there was a plan with the racing gods after all.”

Of course, these people are fron the frontside, not the backside. But there are people who care about the backside workers, as this article attests:

Backside workers’ lives can be rugged and dusty. Their work can be hard and sometimes dangerous.

They are hardy souls, but they are not immune to illness and other health ailments.

That’s why the new Kentucky Racing Health Services Center has been a godsend for racetrack workers since it opened last spring. The center, located near Churchill Downs, is a joint initiative between the University of Louisville and the Kentucky Racing Health and Welfare Fund Inc. (KRHWF), a nonprofit foundation created by uncashed parimutuel tickets from thoroughbred racetracks in Kentucky.

The pilot program, created by a $65,520 gift from the foundation, has become a vital source of free medical services for eligible racetrack workers and their families.

U of L junior and senior nursing and nurse practitioner students and second-year medical students staff the center through a university grant.

Not top-rated medical care, since it's students and not graduates, but for some it's the first medical care they've received in their lives.

Unfortunately, the title of the article was "Partnership helps backside workers stay healthy as a horse."

As they say, they shoot horses, don't they?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Empoprise-In Evanston??? (How my Senate campaign may affect this blog)

Happy New Year to all Empoprise-IE readers!

As you know, the "IE" in Empoprise-IE stands for the Inland Empire (of California), an area roughly 35-70 miles east of Los Angeles that has assumed its own identity.

However, there's a chance that I may need to change the purpose of this blog. Yesterday, while blogging under my alter ego of Ontario Emperor, I began speculating about unrealistic goals for 2009 and decided that my unrealistic goal for 2009 was to secure an appointment as a U.S. Senator from the state of Illinois. After reviewing the Constitutional and political issues related to Barack Obama's former Senate seat, I shared something from the Ontario Emperor FriendFeed:

Perhaps I should set unrealistic goals for myself for 2009....I want to become a U.S. Senator from Illinois in 2009. (Even though I haven't lived there since 1970, I'm not rich, and I'm a registered Republican.)

As I started my campaign, I immediately realized some of the political compromises that I would have to make to appeal to my new constituency. For example, when I encoutered a site that claimed that Des Plaines, Illinois was the location of the first McDonalds, I faced a problem:

Now I happen to know that this is untrue, since the original McDonald's was actually established in San Bernardino, California, just east of where I live - I mean used to live. But when I become Illinois Senator, I'll obviously have to support the claim of Des Plaines.

Ah, politics.

But the ramifications of this campaign may even affect this very blog. What happens if I - I mean when I - get named to the U.S. Senate post? Isn't it going to be silly for me to maintain a blog about a place thousands of miles away from my wonderful home state of Illinois?

Then I hit upon a solution. I spent several years of my childhood living in Evanston, Illinois, so I'll just simply keep the same name for this blog, but tell everyone that "IE" stands for "in Evanston" and be done with it.

Ah, political expediency. I haven't done it yet, but don't be surprised if I do.