Saturday, June 25, 2011

One day in June

So anyways, I was at Country Cuts in Ontario this morning, getting my hair cut.

While sitting in the barber chair, I flashed back to an episode in a story in which the (fictional) President of the United States was getting his hair trimmed, right in the midst of a national crisis. I believe that the episode occurred in Seven Days in May, which I read decades ago. Since the Ontario Library is just down the street from Country Cuts, I thought I'd go there and check out the book.

The Ontario Library has no book with the title Seven Days in May.

I logged into one of the online computers, found the names of the co-authors (Fletcher Knebel and Charles W Bailey II), and then did an author search. No such luck.

You know that you're old when you look for a book that is so old that even the library doesn't have it.

P.S. The aforementioned Country Cuts now has its own Facebook page.

[11:20 POSTSCRIPT] The link above goes to a generic page. Country Cuts' own page is here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Join the Wal-Mart conversation at Inland Utopia

For some unknown reason, a 2008 Matt Munson post about Wal-Mart has suddenly attracted a number of comments.

Naturally, I had to join in, and it was just then that I realized how long this whole Wal-Mart thing has dragged out.

Heck, I was writing about City Rentals' pollution record back in 2005. (And if you don't know what City Rentals has to do with Wal-Mart, perhaps this post from the same period may offer a clue.)

And perhaps it's appropriate to repeat part of what I wrote in 2010:

You see, Briggs hasn't only opposed the Walmart in Ontario. At around the same time that the Ontario Mountain Village Association started its battle, there was a battle that was being waged in another city....

On January 2, Cory Briggs of Upland registered an organization called the "Murrietans for Smart Growth." (He also registered an organization called "Blythe Citizens for Smart Growth" on the same day.) One day later, the Murrietans for Smart Growth filed a suit to block a SuperTarget in Murrieta.

Now the city of Murrieta hadn't run into a lot of Murrietans who were demanding smart growth, and people began to wonder if the only one demanding this was non-Murrietan Cory Briggs.

Read the rest here.

Since I wrote that post, the Target in Montclair has expanded to include a full grocery section. Yes, that's the Target in Montclair, California - the Target that used to be in Ontario, California way back before Mountain and 5th became the Cory Briggs Ghetto Vandalism Park. (Anthony Muñoz must be so proud.)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Spot - a belated update to my post about Robeks Claremont

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post entitled "The advantage of Facebook-friending Robeks Claremont." That post concluded as follows:

Incidentally, if you're an Inland Empire Facebook user, just search for "Robeks Claremont" and you'll find their page.

But if you're a driver, searching for Robeks Claremont, you won't find it.

A few days ago, I was in Chino Hills and was unable to locate another Robeks that I had visited a couple of years ago.

It turns out that Robeks is still going strong. I don't know what happened in Chino Hills, but Claremont declared its independence:

On a December 2010 evening, the Owner and Staff voted to cut its corporate ties from a smoothie franchise to become an independent, family-owned, student-powered establishment.

The Staff voted to renew the store “The Spot”, while the logo was co-created by CHS Alumni Kevin Coduto ‘10 & Matt Arias ‘09. Arias and Courtney Kessler ’12 added panini recipes.

The smoothies now have more fruit and less sugar/dairy, and the establishment has instituted touches that are very Claremont-like:

New relationships were formed to better serve the 909 Community by buying 100% Organic Wheatgrass from local farmers Cal Grass of Pomona, Organic Oranges for freshly squeezed OJ from King Ranch of Alta Loma, & world class roasted coffee beans from Coffee Klatch in Upland.

And yes, I stand corrected - Coffee Klatch's headquarters are in Upland.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Free book offer for pastors of local churches

Jim Ulvog is offering free copies of his book Once Upon Internal Control to local church pastors.

Read the details here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update on the University of LaVerne Law School Accreditation

I haven't written a lot here lately. In fact, my last post was on May 24, and discussed the possibility that the American Bar Association may revoke its provisional accreditation of the University of LaVerne Law School.

Guess what the ABA did? Tiffany Ray of the Press-Enterprise reports that the ABA did deny accreditation, but that the college had other options.

[Dean Allen] Easley said he intends to quickly reapply for provisional ABA approval, and to apply for accreditation from the California Bar.

From my previous post, you'll recall that even if the University of LaVerne lacks state accreditation, its students could still sit for the California bar exam - they'd just have to go through an additional step - the First Year Law Students' Examination. (Students at accredited schools are exempt from this requirement.)

The full list of California bar requirements can be found here. Note that the legal education requirements do NOT require graduation from an accredited school:


•J. D. degree from a law school accredited by the State Bar of California or approved by the ABA;
•Four years of study at a fixed-facility law school registered with the Committee;
•Four years of study, with a minimum of 864 hours of preparation and study per year, at an unaccredited distance-learning or correspondence law school registered with the Committee;
•Four years of study in the law office/judge’s chambers study program; or
•A combination of these methods.