Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An original movie theater showing...movies

Perhaps you've noticed the Granada Theater in downtown Ontario, which lately has been functioning as a church. But lately, according to the Daily Bulletin, they've been showing movies on Fridays and Saturdays. But they're really pulling out the stops later this month:

The Granada, on April 24, will entirely recreate the experience of coming to a theater in the late 1940s. The night will begin with a swing band performance followed by a re-enactment of a live radio show during that era, [Kurt] Berntsen said. The movie "Hell's Angels" will be shown.

"People love the nostalgia of the '30s and '40s," Berntsen said.

The event will give the community an opportunity to experience what it would have been like, he said.

Berntsen, by the way, is 16 years old. He, building manager Dave Perez, and Ronald Anderson have been sponsoring the movies.

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