Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let me reinforce an Inland Empire stereotype

For the benefit of people who happen to come across this feed, the Inland Empire of California is an area east of Los Angeles that is roughly coterminous with the old 909 area code (now split into the 909 and 951 area codes). And if you listen to the radio or watch television or listen to music (Chino is an Inland Empire city), you probably know that the Inland Empire is not exactly the place where trendy people aspire to dwell.

Yup, we have a bit of a reputation.

Now when South Central (Los Angeles) got a bit of a reputation, they decided to change their name to something else. It didn't work.

And even if the Inland Empire were to change its name ("Desert Gateway," anyone?), we'd still have to overcome the stereotypes about this area.

And it doesn't help that they're sometimes true:

Sheriff's deputies were at the residence in the 11500 Oakwood Drive about 9:20 a.m. Sunday to serve a felony warrant on Arturo Gaona, 37, who was found sleeping in his bedroom.

During a consent search of an upstairs bedroom, Sheriff's deputies discovered a full-scale clandestine methamphetamine lab....

More here.

Gee, a meth lab in the Inland Empire - who would have imagined it?

The complete police press release can be found here.

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