Monday, September 12, 2011

Are we stoopid loosers?

I was surprised by this result: A Brookings Institution study analyzing an area's lack of educated workers relative to the demand for those employees, reveals the Inland region has the fourth worst "education gap" in the country. I was surprised by this because my experience has been the opposite. Although I live in the Inland Empire, all of my full-time jobs since 1991 have been outside of the Inland Empire - primarily because when I was hunting for jobs in 1991 and 1994, the jobs that required my education and experience were all outside of the area. What is your experience? Does it differ?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Revisiting Eastvale

I had a little bit of extra time one morning due to a dental appointment that ended early, so I thought I'd take an alternate route for my morning commute. To get from Ontario to Orange County, I figured that I'd get on Archibald, head south across the bridge over the Santa Ana River, then go through Norco and Corona to get to Orange County. I hadn't taken that route in several years, and my primary intent in taking that route was to see how much of the cow pastures still remained in Ontario. The last time I drove it, the route was pretty much cow country all the way from Riverside Drive to Norco. So anyways, I got on Archibald, and within about a half mile I found myself in cow country. At least on Archibald, the suburbanization of south Ontario hasn't occurred yet. And then I continued driving, until I hit the Eastvale city limit. Yes, the Eastvale city limit. Several years ago, Eastvale wasn't even a city. Back in 2007, I blogged about Eastvale's incorporation efforts. I've blogged about Eastvale a few other times, most recently in 2009 when I wrote about some charity work that Jay Johnstone was performing. Well, I guess they've incorporated now. So I drove along Archibald, and passed housing communities, and more housing communities, and even more housing communities. Presumably the bulk of the businesses are on Hamner. And the housing continued, almost all the way to the bridge over the Santa Ana River. And by the way, Eastvale did capture the area east of Hamner, according to this map, when it incorporated in October 2010.