Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Follow-up on the Empoprise-IE April Fool's post

No, no, no.

When I posted David Allen named Senior Editor of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, I was kidding. I think. Mike Brossart is still at the helm.

Ironically, Allen himself may not see my post, because he is on vacation. (Yes, a paid vacation.)

I'll be off all this week on a road trip to Arizona. (Road trip!!) Unless my motel has a computer room, which it probably won't, I'm unlikely to have Internet access, so don't freak out if your comments don't get posted for a few days.

He subsequently noted that his motel did have a computer room, but hey...he's on vacation.

Incidentally, I've searched for local April Foolishness, but haven't found any yet. If you know of something, share it in the comments.

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