Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Understatement of the week - "the economy affects newspapers too"

Perhaps it's a matter of perspective.

A lot of my reading is of social media types who are constantly talking about new media and old media and things like that. Are newspaper economics relevant in the new age? How can a newspaper attract newer customers to its web properties? Bla bla bla.

So when I read this February 23 post by David Allen, my first thought was, "Of course." My second thought was, "Yeah, it hit there too."

Here's part of Allen's post:

As noted here previously, I'm on furlough this week -- no work, no pay, for those who don't know the term; everyone in our chain is affected at varying points in February and March....

What can I tell ya? The economy affects newspapers too.

Read the rest here.

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