Friday, February 27, 2009

A Piece of the P.I.E. - Client Advocate Network

When I went to the Professionals of the Inland Empire meeting on February 24, one of the people that I met was Stephen Jester, Director of Technology Resources of Client Advocate Network.

So, what do they do?

The NETWORK connects clients with NEEDS to clients with the right SOLUTIONS to those needs.

Our first set of clients are owners, operators and key managers of entrepreneurial companies. They are busy working in their business, have limited and leveraged internal resources, an endless "to do" list and want to succeed.

For them, the value of the NETWORK is:

  • A general business advisor and a strategic sounding board

  • A group of impartial, 3rd party diagnostic consultants with subject matter expertise in a variety of areas

  • An effective, efficient and economical clearinghouse for qualified solutions to their specific CAPITAL, PEOPLE & KNOWLEDGE needs
For a listing of entrepreneurial companies served by the NETWORK, please click HERE.

Our second set of clients are partners and principals of professional services firms. They are technical experts in their vocation and busy serving clients. They have limited time and energy to market to their ideal clients.

For them, the value of the NETWORK is:
  • An additional channel for marketing and sales support

  • An impartial, 3rd party validation of their core competencies

  • A consultant in the area of practice development
For a listing of professional services firms served by the NETWORK, please click HERE.

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