Thursday, February 5, 2009

More on Broadstone Foothill Apartments

At the time that I wrote my Empoprise-BI post about murder victim Alice Ortiz, it was unclear whether the Upland apartment complex that she lived in was called Broadcrest Foothill Apartments or Broadstone Foothill Apartments.

If it's the latter, it should be noted that it's a relatively new apartment complex.

And like all apartment complexes, people use the language called Realestate-ese to talk about it:

An oasis.... Broadstone Foothills welcomes you home.. Resting in the shadows of the mountains, an oasis set in the idyllic San Gabriel Valley, Broadstone Foothills welcomes you home. Designed to enhance and enrich the surrounding community, Broadstone Foothills features elegant architectural details and beautiful landscaping, delivering an abundance of rich amenities both inside and out. Conveniently located near the prestigious Claremont Colleges and within walking distance to shops and restaurants. Broadstone Foothills provides a rich environment and quality of life that will exceed your highest expectations.

Of course, the description above neglects the fact that one of the "shops" within walking distance is a strip club.

And any realestate-ese description doesn't get around to describing the papers that you have to sign, or the clause "if you die before the end of the month, your rent is still due on the 31st."


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