Friday, February 13, 2009

School's not out for winter

You've probably heard of cases in which members of a church congregation are at odds with the church's governing body, resulting in arguments over who really controls the local church.

The same thing can happen with schools.

A brief background from Sandra Emerson of the Daily Bulletin:

An arbitration panel ruled Jan. 15 that Western Christian Schools - which is purchasing Upland Christian from the Anaheim District Church of the Nazarene - can proceed with its acquisition of certain assets of Upland Christian Schools.

The parents [of current Upland Christian Schools students] attempted to make a formal offer on the property, but the district was non-responsive.

So, what happened?

[T]he Save UCS parent association decided to form their own school.
In the last three weeks, the association - comprised of parents of students enrolled at Upland Christian Schools - has managed to get the K-12 private school incorporated and registered with the state under the name Upland Christian Academy.

The school will be an independent school run by a selected board of directors with no affiliation with a church or Upland Christian Schools.

In the Upland Now blog, Emerson noted the reaction of Western Christian Schools:

In a recent interview with Karen Winter, superintendent of Western Christian Schools in Claremont and Covina, she expressed her feelings over the Save UCS Parent Association's decision to relocate.

She also addressed the plans being made for transition of Western Christian Schools with Upland Christian Schools.

"We are obviously disappointed for the families that feel the need to being their own separate school, but we are optimistic and positive about moving forward with the many families from Upland who have confirmed their commitment to Western and we're excited about our school coming to the Upland Campus."

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