Thursday, February 26, 2009

I was involved in that project until I wasn't involved in it?

Who was it that said that it's easier to tell the truth because then you don't have to keep all the lies straight? I'd say that George McGovern said it, but then I'd be lying.

Or perhaps there's faulty "I don't recall" memory.

Take a look at this Claremont Insider post, which documents two differences of opinion on Bridget Healy's involvement in various projects in Claremont.

The only problem is, both opinions come from Healy herself.

Here's the first, from a recent campaign flyer:

Healy's campaign very clearly states that it is presenting us with a mere "partial list of accomplishments to which Bridget made significant contributions during her years of public service to Claremont's citizens."...The first item on the list is the acquisition of "1,600 acres of Wilderness Park as well as the Padua Theater [sic] at no cost to the tax payers [sic] of Claremont...."

Here's the second, from a legal deposition:

Grotefeld: As you sit here today do you recall being involved with any special projects that related to the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park?

Healy: No.

. . . . .

Grotefeld: As you sit here today do you recall any special projects that you worked on that dealt with the Padua Theatre?

Healy: No.

. . . . .

Grotefeld: Would it be a fair statement to say that the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park was not something that you, in terms of your work as the assistant city manager performed any job function with respect to?

Healy: Correct.

For the record, Healy did not choose to mention these items in her statement at

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