Monday, February 23, 2009

How long will Ontario tolerate a graffiti-ridden eyesore?

Matt Munson wrote about the continuing Wal Mart fight in Ontario on February 17, 2009.

Ironically, I wrote about the vacant, graffiti-ridden lot back in November 2005.

It is now February 2009, and the graffiti-ridden lot is still there, still vacant, still an eyesore.

And even today, continues to proclaim that "the city does not need the revenue." And they continue to hide who is behind the effort, as they did in 2007. Oh, and you may recall that another Cory Briggs group, "Murrietans for Smart Growth," was only able to produce a single Murrietan for Smart Growth - who coincidentally works at a Ralphs.

Briggs continues to be active against Wal Marts, and is now tying up the construction of a Wal Mart in Hesperia. Estimates are that the project is now delayed by two years. Based upon Briggs' ability to preserve a graffiti-ridden eyesore in Ontario, that estimate is probably light.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, a legal hearing on the matter has been delayed to April 10.

And people from Ontario continue to shop in Chino.

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