Wednesday, February 4, 2009

909party is not an oxymoron

So anyways, this morning I was driving through Brea Canyon at 7:25 am, and I saw a red SUV in a nearby lane that had the words "" on the back window.

Somehow "party" and "7:25 am" didn't compute with me. Immediately my series of 909 jokes kicked in. (If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.)

  • Of course, if the party had been in the 310, the party would still be going on at 7:25 am.

  • Of course the 909 party people were awake. With all the fumes from the meth labs, everyone in the 909 is awake at 7:25 am.
Tip your waitresses, I'm here all week.

Which actually segues into what really is. is a flashy place, devoted to two locations.
  • Happy's Grill, 23545 Palomino Dr., Diamond Bar CA 91765.

  • Godfather's, 12570 Central Ave., Chino CA 91710.
The two places are somewhat different - Happy's allows kids, while Godfather's is 21 and over only.

Actually, I've been to Godfather's, but it was several years ago. Alexa's Wish played there once, and I saw them there. (For the record, Alexa's Wish has also played at Goodfellas.)

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Need to check out Happy's.

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