Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Holt Boulevard of Broken Dreams

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Revitalize downtown Ontario, California, build some really nice houses, then watch the downtown area grow. And promote it all with a cool website.

But then the worldwide financial crisis kicked in, as this February 18, 2009 Daily Bulletin article notes.

A turn onto Robin Privado from B Street reveals a community of 140 new, bright yellow town homes.

But as a recent tour showed, the town houses across from City Hall remain empty, the streets void of life.

"No trespassing" signs are posted at entrances to the project. From the south side of the development on Holt Boulevard, broken windows are visible....

Prior to the financial crunch, the city had banked on the Kincaid Series Townhome edevelopment project to spark the transformation of downtown into a pedestrian-friendly, vibrant destination.

But that was before the housing market crash.

On City Hall's advice, J.H. Snyder has been encouraged to put sales of the town houses on hold.

The developer has not closed any sales on the town houses and may turn them into apartments, City Manager Greg Devereaux said.

More here.

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