Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Inland Empire in the 1860s

Back in 2007, the San Bernardino County Sun posted an Inland Empire timeline. Beginning on November 26, 1826 (with Jebediah Strong Smith crossing the Inland Empire to get to the San Gabriel Mission), the Sun posted a list of events in the Inland Empire.

Here are the events that transpired in the 1860s:

Jan. 22 - A flood struck that was probably the greatest in the Inland Valley in recorded history. In the East Fork of the San Gabriel River just west of today's Mt. Baldy Village, the flood wiped out the thriving gold camp of Eldoradoville. Flood control experts estimate the Santa Ana River was carrying 100,000 cubic feet of water per second at its height. The Missouri River by contrast carries 76,000 cubic feet on average. The first real community in the Inland Valley, Agua Mansa, was wiped out by the flood.

Nov. 17 - John Rains was murdered near Mud Springs (San Dimas). He owned Rancho Cucamonga. He was married to Maria Merced Williams, daughter of the former owner of Rancho Santa Ana del Chino, Isaac Williams. Rains' killers were never found though his radical pro-Southern friends believed his wife was somehow to blame.

Nicholas Earp brought his family from Iowa to Redlands. Sons Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan later went east to become lawmen. Virgil would later become the first marshal of Colton.

Billy Rubottom opens a hotel and inn at what is Spadra in west Pomona, which served the Butterfield stage route.

See the entire list here.

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