Wednesday, August 5, 2009

There's always a critic

Previously I've linked to items from Housing Kaboom, a blog that spends its time documenting just how low housing prices can go.

Perhaps it's a sign of the recovery, but a recent Housing Kaboom post spent more time in interior decoration criticism.

The post began by printing a seller's description:

Great home in Woodcrest with almost an acre of land---remodeled kitchen, beautiful backyard with fruit trees as well as in-ground pool and spa. A joy to show. Don't miss this one!

But then the Housing Kaboomer compared the description above with an actual picture of the remodeled kitchen in question.

I'm guessing it's the addition of the Brita water filter, or possibly the addition of knobs to those 1980's cabinets. That kitchen is so dated it almost makes me want to bust out my Twisted Sister album and put on some eye shadow.

Hmm, maybe I should have posted this in my Empoprise-MU music blog instead.

Just wait, H.K. The 80s are going to be COOL some day, and that kitchen will be honored...

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