Sunday, August 30, 2009

Empoprise-IE News - 30 August 2009

Empoprise-IE News

The news letter for Empoprise-IE - An Empoprises vertical information service for Inland Empire (California) news.

Welcome to Empoprise-IE News

And I'll understand if you've forgotten about Empoprise-IE News. I don't necessarily run it every weekend, but I just discovered that I haven't published one since July 12. To be fair, I didn't have a lot of Empoprise-IE News in late July and early August because I was in Illinois and Wisconsin. But now I'm back, and things are continuing to roll along.

Behind the Scenes

A few days after writing about the upcoming Second Spin store at Ontario Mills, I happened to be at Ontario Mills and saw the site where the store will be. Another interesting tidbit - the former site of the Virgin Megastore has now become an H&M - a very, very large H&M. By the way, I wrote about my Ontario Mills visit in a post in my Empoprise-MU music blog - not because of the Virgin Megastore or Second Spin, but because of the Akoo service that they had in the food court.


I can't really say what will be coming up, other than the fact that I have a casino post coming, and I'm revisiting the Stater Brothers Route 66 Rendezvous.

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