Monday, August 17, 2009

The Chino Prison Riot

I haven't written anything about the Chino Prison riot, primarily because I was out of state when it occurred, so I didn't even know about it at the time.

Luckily for you, other people were on the ball regarding this.

Chino Valley Now, August 10:

Staff continue to evaluate the extent of inmate injuries and damages to state property following the riot that occurred on Saturday, Aug. 8, 2009, with inmates at the California Institution for Men, Reception Center West Facility.

Original Skrip, August 11:

While at the ArtWalk this past Saturday, I had asked why there were so many Pomona Patrol Cars around the area. They told me that there was a riot happening as we spoke, and Pomona PD was oncall waiting for the okay to go help at the prison.

Chino Valley Now, August 11:

Among the traces of mayhem from the weekend's violent prison riot, the blood on rags and mattresses at the California Institution for Men spoke volumes Tuesday.

There's also a video at the link above.

And Chino Valley Now continued with this August 12 post:

More than 700 adult inmates left with no place to stay after last weekend's prison riot are being housed near juvenile inmates at the nearby Heman G. Stark Youth Correctional Facility....

Among public concerns is the safety of Stark's youth wards, said CIM spokesman Lt. Mark Hargrove.

Um, I seriously doubt that it's a case of poor, innocent youth potentially being terrorized by big bad adult inmates. After all, when Ineasie M. Baker was murdered and her body ended up in a Walnut landfill, the murder didn't take place at CIM - it took place at Stark. Oh, and the "kids"? The Stark inmate who murdered Baker was 24 years old.

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