Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good news and good news for Ontario Mills music lovers (or, a post dedicated to Susan Rodriguez)

While I made it to Ontario Mills a few days after writing my previous post Good news and bad news for Ontario Mills music lovers, I was still two days too early to see the August 27 opening of Second Spin.

You'll recall that in my August 21 post, I said:

(Incidentally, I had to edit the last two paragraphs, which initially contained the word "record." I have no idea if Second Spin will sell vinyl records.)

Well, Susan Rodriguez made it to Second Spin after the opening, and she commented:

You need to edit your posting again as the Second Spin location in Ontario Mills mall has a HUGE selection of music, movies and games just like the other Second Spin locations and yes they DO sell vinyl!

Thanks Susan for the update!

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