Monday, August 24, 2009

Inland airport (almost) rusts

I've found that the Riverside Press-Enterprise tends to have the best coverage of issues related to Ontario International Airport (I refuse to use the name "LA/Ontario International Airport" - call it bullheaded 909 pride or something).

Recently I found that the Press-Enterprise covered another local Inland Empire international airport - one that I bet many IE residents haven't heard about.

Remember the Cold War? Well, after the Cold War ended, March Air Force Base was downgraded, and Norton Air Force Base was outright closed in 1994, resulting in the formation of the grandly-named San Bernardino International Airport. I drove by the airport a few years ago, but couldn't find much of anything. The Press-Enterprise updated me on the airport's status:

Counters and kiosks are in place, ready to sell tickets and check in travelers at San Bernardino International Airport's newly refurbished passenger terminal.

High-definition TV monitors display place-holder arrivals and departures, escalators and decorative water sculptures are in motion, and a high-tech security room monitors for suspicious activity. A booming recorded voice tells visitors not to leave bags unattended.

Only one problem - that pesky recession. Actually, two problems - 9/11 didn't help either.

One thing is missing from this picture: The airport has yet to land a commercial airline to bring revenue-generating passenger service to the terminal.

More here.

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