Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mary Petit's letter

I've mentioned Mary Petit's gardening efforts in this blog before, and have contrasted the negative reaction to her efforts vs. the positive reaction in Rancho Cucamonga to gardening efforts there. I haven't mentioned Petit lately, but Sandra Emerson of Upland Now has printed a letter from Petit. Go to Upland Now to read the entire letter; here are some excerpts.

The meeting on August 12th held at the Senior Center centered around the beautiful property at the end of 24th Street. This meeting was the subject of a recent article in the Daily Bulletin. This meeting was remarkable in that several residents who reside in the Upland Summit Private Development community, which is adjacent to the proposed garden site, are adamantly opposed to anything being done on the privately owned property which was offered for this project. This includes a private garden club at the invitation of the landowner which would have the added benefit of mitigating some of the concerns the residents have about this property. This is in stark contrast to the Upland Red Hill North complex and many other communities in the state and nation, where homeowners eagerly embrace the creation of community gardens in their neighborhood.

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