Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inland casinos adjust

I've talked about Inland Empire casinos before (including this tangential reference), and a recent Riverside Press-Enterprise article gives me a chance to revisit them. The article mentions some things that local casinos are doing to battle the recession:

[S]ome of the tribal casinos in Inland Southern California have added features that might not pay off this year or next but will serve as permanent, long-term attractions.

Some also are offering enticements that pay off now by keeping customers excited enough to return regularly despite the lingering recession.

So how do they decide what to do? The Press-Enterprise argue that they easy stuff (i.e. build a glamorous new facility) has already been done by the local casinos. So what's next?

Randy Fine, managing partner of The Fine Point Group, a Las Vegas-based casino marketing consulting firm...sees as a third phase, one that he said takes advanced mathematical theory and a marketing plan with multiple strategies.

Read the rest of the article here, including a comparison of our casino economy with that of Las Vegas.

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