Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vibrant Pomona, and it's not a marketing term

Pomona isn't just a city where electric cars are tested. But let's take a step back; several years ago there was a marketer for one of the cigarette companies that liked to use words such as "vibrant" - a choice of words that I later parodied. (And the story of the marketer hit a bad bump.)

But the word "vibrant" can also be used in a meaningful context, which is what Metro Pomona did in describing the Arts Walk on Saturday, March 14:

There's no other way to describe last night's Arts Walk....Vibrant! Downtown Pomona was bustling with activity. The sidewalks, galleries, restaurants, and clubs were overflowing with visitors. People of all ages came, saw, enjoyed, and were impressed. The art galleries continued to out-do themselves as they always do with exciting images and talent.

But it wasn't just the brick and mortar:

The farmers market hosted over 1700 visitors and featured a "pirate band" in full regalia, aaarrr!

If you missed the fun, don't fret:

[T]he next Arts Walk will be Saturday, March 28, coupled with the Collector's Street Fair and Metro Night Out.

I have another commitment that day, but I encourage you to go and enjoy yourself.

Read the rest of the Metro Pomona post here.

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