Wednesday, March 18, 2009

David Allen talks about "Pomona presidential precedent"

"Non-illiterate alliteration rules" is Allen's apparent aphorism.

As I've previously mentioned, President Barack Obama will be coming to Pomona tomorrow. In today's Daily Bulletin column, Allen notes that Obama will be the fifth sitting President to visit the city. The others were Benjamin Harrison, 1891; William McKinley, 1901; William Howard Taft, 1911; and Herbert Hoover, 1932.

But Allen is convinced that some sitting President must have visited Pomona between 1932 and 2009.

You'd think LBJ would have toured General Dynamics, or Nixon would've visited the L.A. County Fair. Or Clinton would've gone to Donut & Burger for one of each.

And Allen has also blogged about Taft's visit. Both the article and the blog post reproduce the end of Taft's speech:

"As I go through this country and see all this beautiful fruit -- and I am a fruit eater -- I feel as if I would like to have a good deal bigger capacity than I have in order that I might carry away even more delightful recollections of Pomona. Good-by."

Well, Obama is significantly slimmer than Taft, but we grow a lot less fruit out here nowadays.

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