Monday, March 16, 2009

I was against it before I was for it

iePolitics shared an article from the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

It details how the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors really really objected to state proposals to jack up taxes to fix the state budget.

In a letter to the county's lawmakers shortly before the budget bills passed the Legislature, Board of Supervisors Chairman Gary Ovitt said higher taxes should not be part of any deal. The full board later voted to adopt the position.

"Raising taxes will punish the very individuals that are struggling to make ends meet and potentially prolong California's recession," Ovitt wrote.

I'm proud to see my board standing up for me. And after the budget passed, with the higher taxes that the Board of Supervisors warned about, the Board boldly took a stand.

But don't expect the county to turn away tax-tainted money because of philosophical objections.

"It would only hurt San Bernardino County for residents to pay those higher taxes and not have the money return from the state," Ovitt chief of staff Mark Kirk said.

Which shows that in politics, whether you're conservative or liberal, the goal of your term in office isn't to implement your poltical agenda. The goal of your term in office is to get the goodies.

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