Thursday, March 19, 2009

President Obama Visits Pomona

As previously noted, today was the day that President Obama visited Pomona. Claremeont Insider linked to David Allen's pre-visit post:

The president is scheduled to tour the Edison International Vehicle Electrics Plant, 265 N. East End Ave., at 10:30 a.m. Students from Village Academy School, which Obama mentioned in a speech last week, and who will be the subject of a "20/20" report on ABC-TV on Friday, will be brought over to the plant to meet him.

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The public naturally couldn't enter the Edison facility, but the press could. From the New York Times:

President Obama arrived at the Edison International plant to talk up his proposals to promote the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. “Millions of jobs depend” on the work being done at plants like Edison, Mr. Obama said. He checked out prototypes of Ford electric and alternative fuel vehicles, asked lots of questions about batteries and marveled at the gas tank of a Ford Truck with plug-in technology....

He even managed to get a joke in, referring to his time away from the Beltway:

“[T]his is a good place to come and re-charge your batteries.”

President Obama, what a gas.

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