Saturday, March 14, 2009

That's the night that the lights went on in Olinda

On my afternoon commute home, I often choose to avoid State Route 57 and go through Carbon Canyon instead. Because of this, I'm certain that the residents of Carbon Canyon hate me, and all of the thousands of people like me, who roar through their canyon.

Actually, we don't roar through their canyon. The traffic is often so backed up that we putter through the communities, a bumper-to-bumper line of cars shattering the quaintness of the canyon area.

And if it's tough to drive there through rush hour, then it must be tough to live there.

Technically I've strayed outside of the Inland Empire by talking about Olinda in this post, but this story affects a lot of Inland Empire residents like me who commute through Olinda. From the Carbon Canyon Chronicle:

An 18 February article in the Orange County Register announced that a traffic light will soon be erected on Carbon Canyon Road at Olinda Place/Ruby Drive in Olinda Village. The $350,000 project, largely paid for with federal funds and supplemented on the order of 10% by Brea's Traffic Impact Fee, is slated to begin by late Spring and should take about four months to complete.

The quest for a signal at this location has been going on for many years and has been avidly pursued by residents of Olinda Village (including Hollydale Mobile Home Estates, as well as parishioners at Samsung Presbyterian Church adjacent to Hollydale.)

And there may be more signals on the road in the future.

[O]ne of the negotiated points between the developer and the City of Chino Hills concerning the proposed Stonefield housing project just east of Western Hills Golf Course has been that the former has offered to pay for traffic signals at Fairway Drive and Canon Lane.

Oh - and yes, there is a "Samsung Presbyterian Church" in Olinda. I am not a Calvinist so I probably wouldn't attend anyway, but would I also have problems because of my telephone preferences? And how do they minister to the young iPhone crowd?

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