Saturday, September 13, 2008

Other observations on the 2008 Los Angeles County Fair

I was not the only person who went to the L.A. County Fair on Saturday.

I was not the only social media user who went to the L.A. County Fair on Saturday.

Here are a couple of tweets from Jason Lee:

Having a snowball fight at the l.a. County fair.

This is actually something that I didn't do this year. For at least the past three years, they've had an indoor room at the L.A. County Fair with a small ice skating rink, and with snow for sledding (and obviously snowball fights). Yes, I know that people in eastern Canada are turning up their noses, but to people in Pomona, snow is a novelty. Jason's second fair tweet:

Texas style bbq pit pork ribs & beef brisket ftw~

To which I say, where's Jake Kuramoto when you need him?

And Jason and I weren't the only people at the fair. Binkley was busy praising the food:

oh LA County Fair your pulled pork dishes are delicious!

Now I guess I have to stand corrected, because to my knowledge they have not yet deep-fried pulled pork and placed it on a stick. But they will. And look at what Tim Malabuyo ate (hint: it wasn't a mango):

LA county fair. Just had a deep-fried twinkie!


However, if you think that all of us were sucking down deep-fried X on a stick, there's Shawna Benson to redeem us.

Back from L.A. County Fair. Fair food, farm animals, wine tasting. Good times.

Shawna mentioned another thing that I didn't do today - wine tasting. I actually passed by the wine tasting area, not to mention plenty of beer stands, but frankly it was so hot that I pretty much confined myself to water during the day.

And the Los Angeles County Fair wasn't the only county fair going on today. FriendFeed includes online references to the Linn County Fair, the Clay County Fair, the Santa Cruz County Fair, the Delaware County Fair, and the New Kent County Fair.

But the west is the best. Although Santa Cruz County is techincally farther west than Los Angeles County...OK, the southwest is the best. Get here and we'll do the rest.

The Blue Gate is calling us...

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