Monday, September 8, 2008

Just find the boys with extreme hangovers

I never finished the story about my search for a CD laser lens cleaner.

A few minutes after leaving the Radio Shack at Holt and San Antonio (where they sold CD laser lens cleaners for $22), I found myself at the Rite Aid at Euclid and G Streets in Ontario. I pulled up to a parking place on the side of the store...

...just in time to see two boys running away from the store, big smiles on their faces, and - was that bottles of alcohol that they were carrying?

If you wonder whether the kids are going to get away with this, it should be noted that (although I didn't confirm this) I assume that Rite Aid has security cameras, so they were presumably able to get pictures of the boys' smiling faces. They may not be smiling after the police visit Vina Danks and find the culprits.

Or maybe they aren't smiling anyway. Wisdom comes with age, so these boys presumably aren't that wise. I don't think they were carrying beer or wine, and between them they were carrying between two and four bottles of whatever they had. And, being young, they weren't all that weighty. If the boys tried to dispose of the evidence all by themselves early yesterday afternoon, they are probably feeling REALLY bad right now. Perhaps bad enough that they'll become abstinence champions.

P.S. The CD laser lens cleaners at Rite Aid were $14. I probably could have searched more and gotten a better deal somewhere, but I figured that Rite Aid would appreciate a paying customer.

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