Sunday, September 14, 2008

Locals not beholden to the McBamas - Peace and Freedom Party, Riverside County

Back in August 1998, I created a Yahoo! Group called inlandempireca. Despite the fact that I rarely visit it, and despite the fact that it has primarily become a spam haven, I've never gotten around to deleting it.

Which, occasionally, is a good thing, because worthwhile information pops up in there.

If you've ever read my personal blog, mrontemp, you know how I often bemoan the fact that most people think that there are only two choices in any major election. Both the media and the two big parties persist in pushing this theory. A media outlet's usual idea of political discourse is to have someone "on the left" from the Democratic Party, and someone "on the right" from the Republican Party, and then pretend that this reflects all known opinions in the United States.

Try as they might, however, the major media and major parties can't stamp out true expressions of political opinion.

I will say up front that I am not a supporter of the Peace and Freedom Party (I personally consider Ralph Nader's plans for government control to be modern-day fascism), but I will defend their right to exist, their right to campaign, their right to be heard.

You're not going to hear the Peace and Freedom Party in the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates (the Commission on Presidential Debates has seen to that), but you can hear them on Yahoo.

This announcement was posted in my inlandempireca group.

Peace and Freedom Party-Riverside County

The group itself is members-only, and I wouldn't feel right claiming an interest in membership, but the following message is publicly available on the group page:

We would like to start a Chapter,of the Peace and Freedom Party in Riverside County,California.If your interested in joining us in the cause.Please Join our Website. David Wade,Chairman of Website,and George Nelson,Vice Chairman of Website.

The group started on August 20, 2008, and already has five members - not bad for a minor regional political party on Yahoo. If you are so philosophically inclined, go ahead and join them.

P.S. If you haven't heard, Peter Camejo has passed away.

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