Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Le Clear should avoid Colton too - and is she avoiding Nashville?

Last May, I noted how coyotes were appearing in Redlands and Chino Hills, and how there Sarah Le Clear might be in danger if she showed up in one of those areas.

Add Colton to the list of places Sarah Le Clear should avoid:

COLTON - The lean, mid-sized canines may not look like much of a threat, but for residents of the La Loma Hills area, coyotes are cause for real concern.
Several locals have said the coyotes have been snatching up their pets and killing them.

Now, the hillside community is not just worried about their four-legged family members but small children as well.

Hmm, makes sense. When the Coyote Ugly dancers start to gyrate, some people might end up being worried about their children.

But this begs the more important question - whatever happened to the real Sarah Le Clear, formerly of Upland, or perhaps Rancho Cucamonga, or perhaps Whittier, or perhaps Walnut Creek?

While Sarah's MySpace page is still private, the Singing Coyotes MySpace page is still there, and still accessible; however, Sarah is not an official member of this group. Not sure what's going on here, since I thought that the winner of the Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search 3 was supposed to become the sixth member of the Traveling Coyotes.

Did something happen?

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