Saturday, September 13, 2008

My observations on the 2008 Los Angeles County Fair, and the Official Method for Creating Fair Food

I am now back from my day trip to the Los Angeles County Fair. If you haven't already done so, please take the time to view my posts written before and during my fair visit:

Some additional observations:
  • Parking at Fairplex is now a minimum of $10. You have to wonder - does Fairplex really need the parking revenue? One of the reasons that I haven't attended a lot of functions at Fairplex is because the parking often costs as much as the admission to the event itself.

  • There are diverging opinions on the commercial exhibits. Some people love them, and to them the commercial booths are the highlight of the fair. As for me, I could easily do without them; some of the commercial hawkers are as bad as the carnies in terms of obnoxiousness.

  • One of the people in our party is on a restricted diet, which pretty much means that we had to bring in outside food. Luckily, Fairplex doesn't really mind if you bring in outside food; the only things to which they object are glass bottles, metal cans, and alcohol. Some places insist that you only eat food bought within their confines; Fairplex isn't doing that.
Speaking of food, I am going to reveal (for those who don't already know) the Official Method for Creating Fair Food:
  1. Take any food. And I mean ANY food. Go ahead, think of a food right now.

  2. Take the words "Deep-fried" and put them BEFORE the food name.

  3. Take the words "on a stick" and put them AFTER the food name.
Deep-fried snail on a stick? Deep fried oatmeal on a stick? Hey, are they any more ridiculous than deep-fried Twinkie on a stick?


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