Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's as good a time as any for the Empoprise-IE Rooster to take a break

For some time now, I've been running a daily feature in this blog called the Empoprise-IE Rooster. The feature, which appeared at 6:00 am (most) every morning, would highlight a different Inland Empire-related blog every day. Of course, I didn't write the features at 6:00, but wrote them in advance using Blogger's scheduled publishing feature.

Initially, the feature was designed to keep content in the blog during my ten-day vacation in early June, but I kept it up afterwards.

A few days ago, however, the list of queued posts ran out (the last one, on July 9, featured Vesuvius Records), and I haven't replenished the feed.

I may or may not start it up again, but will obviously try to keep the blog filled with content.

If I never publish another Empoprise-IE Rooster again, however, no worries. Someone else has taken the series over - sort of.

Back on June 26, I wrote a horse-racing post with a Beaumont connection. Entitled Richard (Dick) Mandella and an Inland Empire perspective on horse racing fatalities, it looked at the California perspective on the recent discussion of horse racing deaths. The post had some introductory information provided via Sharon Cobb, then it quoted from a KPCC post (with an additional observation of my own), and then went on to cover some other items.

Imagine my surprise when I ran across another blog post (at that didn't link to my content, and didn't link to KPCC's content, but did lift significant portions of my blog post.

The other blog post did make sure to include my additional observation:

So I guess that if you want to make horse's lives better, you should encourage California gambling.

You can guess what type of blog post this was, I think. And you can probably guess that the blog post did include one link - to the Pechanga Casino page at I'd link to myself, but it includes a message "© StarRating, 2005-2008. All right reserved." And I don't want to violate their right (in the singular).

But, unlike other really shoddy examples of this, the person who assembled this page did spent more than one second coming up with a title for it.

No, he or she didn't use the title "Richard (Dick) Mandella and an Inland Empire perspective on horse racing fatalities."

No, he or she didn't use a variant of that title.

In a parody of other posts in my blog, this blog post ended up with the title Empoprise-IE Cock - Pechanga Resort Lodge.

So I'll give one point for creativity. But I'm not sure what KPCC would say.

P.S. If you want to see the post, it's - well, it's in my FriendFeed.

P.P.S. I mentioned that the last Empoprise-IE Rooster that I published was for Vesuvius Records. Guess what was featured in the second to last Rooster post? You got it - Pechanga Resort & Casino. And I never got a chance to get to Casino Morongo. Yet.

P.P.P.S. According to Network Solutions, is registered via (Ukraine). The only contact for the site itself is "(FRANK)
mail:(" Good Ukranian name, Frank.

P.P.P.P.S. I tried to do some more research on, which could have been a very bad mistake.

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