Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The good and bad about listening to KGGI's Jeff Pope

I mentioned KGGI in this blog a few days ago, and have written about Jeff Pope in other places.

This morning I was listening to KGGI and heard a bad thing and a good thing. Turns out that Jeff wasn't responsible for either of them.

The bad occurred first. KGGI plays urban music in the house, boy, and some of it is pretty good, but (IMHO) some of it could be better. During one song that I heard this morning, I learned the important fact that "L A X" (as in the airport) rhymes with "L A sex."

The good occurred a little bit after that, when a caller asked if he could tell a joke to get Angels tickets. (And I'm calling them the Anaheim Angels, not the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Deal with it, Rita Moreno of Arte.)

Here's the joke that the caller told.

Q: What's the difference between Dodger Dogs and Angel Dogs?

A: Dodger Dogs aren't served in October.

OK, some people might not appreciate that joke...

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