Monday, July 6, 2009

Whatever happened to Sarah Le Clear?

A recent story reminded me of something that I was discussing in this blog last summer. First, the story:

A resident who lives near Kenyon and Milliken e-mailed me about a recent coyote sighting. The frightening thing was that the coyote had an animal, either a cat or a dog, in its mouth.

This month, my boss, Joe Blackstock, was interviewed by Animal Planet for a series on wild animals in urban/suburban areas. Blackstock, an Upland resident, lost his cat to a hungry coyote last year.

It seems that residents, whether they're walking on the PE trail or going for a Starbucks run, are coming across coyotes more often.

But speaking of coming across coyotes...whatever happened to Rancho Cucamongan Sarah Le Clear? You'll recall that Le Clear was the winner of the televised search for someone to join the Traveling Coyotes. Only thing is, she never joined the Coyotes. Last I heard, she was on a cruise ship.

Not that she's necessarily missed anything by not joining the Traveling Coyotes. The Coyotes' blog hasn't been updated since last August.

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