Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some parts of which still exist today

I've been reading David Allen's blog posts on mid-20th century Upland (sourced from Shelby Garrett), but I didn't find anything recognizable until I got to the second post. I actually used to live a quarter-mile away from Foothill and Campus, but none of the places described in the first post appear to have been in existence by the time I moved there in the mid-1980s.

But I did see glimmers of things that I recognized in the second post.

Over on Foothill at Fifth Avenue was Booth's Market on the SE corner....

There is still a market on that corner today, presumably the same one.

On the north side of Foothill from Third Avenue on over to Euclid there was nothing but orange groves. On the south side were groves too, from Second Avenue west to Euclid, until Bob & Dave's Chevron Station went in on the SW corner of Second and Foothill.

The name had changed by the mid 1980s, but there was still a Chevron Station at Second and Foothill, called by that time Mike Adam Chevron. I actually used Mike Adam Chevron for some of my car repair needs, as well as for gas, but eventually it closed and was replaced by the Baker's fast food place.

However, most of the places that Allen mentioned either had disappeared or were very well disguised, such as today's Pep Boys.

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