Friday, July 24, 2009

CSI San Bernardino - the real thing

I previously wrote about CSI work. Remember that the real CSIs don't get commercial breaks. Here's an excerpt from a report of recent coroner cases:

# Coroner case #700904544 — On July 10, 2009, at approximately 2:45 pm, Darrell Dykes, a 46 year old resident of Carlsbad, was driving a 2001 tan Chevrolet Silverado which left the roadway at a large asphalt turnout on State Route 18 at the 4000 foot altitude marker. When the Chevrolet reached the highway below, the vehicle impacted onto the northbound #2 lane of State Route 18. The driver was declared deceased at the scene by U.S. Forestry personnel at 3:11 PM. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. [071309 0826 SY]

More here.

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