Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Operation Light Exchange (from SCE) at Montclair Plaza July 18-19

H/T my father in law, who encouraged me to visit http://www.scelampexchange.com/. Excerpts:

Operation Light Exchange is an energy efficiency program that allows residential customers of Southern California Edison to exchange inefficient halogen and incandescent light fixtures for new, Energy Star labeled lamps....

Bring up to 10 plug-in lamp fixtures per exchange. Lamp fixtures do not have to be working but they must have a wall plug cord still attached....

We will accept the following fixtures for exchange: Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamps, Incandescent Table Lamps and Incandescent Desk Lamps. We cannot accept any fluorescent lamps of any kind.

And, as you've probably guessed, you get a fluorescent lamp in exchange. Available lamps are shown here.

Similar events have previously taken place in the City of Industry and Long Beach. Presumably they edit the website before each event, so if you're reading this blog post in 2010 and go to the http://www.scelampexchange.com/ website, it presumably won't refer to Montclair.

But then again, maybe things will have...um...recycled to Montclair again by that time.

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