Monday, May 19, 2008

Yes, we do have some tech out here

I've been employed by various technical firms, most of which were outside of the Inland Empire. Of the two that were in the Inland Empire, one has relocated to South Carolina, and the other may no longer be in business.

But there is some tech out here, as Rob Elkins reminds us. He linked to an ESRI recruiting page.

Top 10 Reasons to Work at ESRI

Your ideas can become a successful solution.
Whether you are designing the next software version, suggesting ways to improve a business process, or helping customers implement their GIS, your work is important. You will be encouraged to use your knowledge and creativity to develop new ideas and contribute in a meaningful way.

Advance the future of GIS technology.
Help build the tools that are advancing GIS technology. GIS has grown tremendously in the past three decades—both in functionality and the many ways it is used—and you can have an impact on its future. You will always have opportunities to learn and do something new.

Help our customers make a difference.
From aiding in disaster recovery efforts to tracking elephant migration to creating more efficient public transit, ESRI users are changing their communities and the world. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we are committed to helping them succeed as they utilize ESRI technology.

“Listening to our users for corporate strategy and product direction became our foundation and is still in place today. This principle has enabled us to develop GIS technology that’s truly driven by our customers.” Jack Dangermond, president, ESRI.

Shaping the world around us.
Our innovative software makes a difference in our society and contributes to everyday life. It is used by millions around the world and in every industry. Our software development is focused on emerging technologies such as service-oriented architecture, .NET, and 3D visualization. We are committed to continually improving our products and developing new technology. Every year, ESRI reinvests 20 percent of its profits into research and development to continue building the best GIS software available.

Geography Matters
Help others realize the importance of geography.
Geography matters—it connects our many cultures and societies and influences our way of life. A GIS leverages geographic insight. It’s a unique medium that enables organizations to more effectively carry out their missions, improve the bottom line, and make a positive impact on society and the world. Work with ESRI customers as they make vital contributions toward the better management of our planet and its resources.

Be passionate about your work.
Whether building the next ESRI product, helping a customer solve a problem, or writing for one of our publications, we are committed to doing the best work possible. Working individually or as a team, be passionate about what you do. Have a career where you are supported for going the extra mile, whether it’s helping a colleague or a customer.

Feel secure working for a financially stable company.
Founded in 1969 as a small consulting firm, ESRI has grown into the world leader in the nearly $2 billion GIS industry. With annual revenues of more than $660 million, we are privately held and debt free. We carefully manage our projects and expenses to ensure we will continue as a financially strong, reliable company.

Work Environment
Collaborative, creative, and empowering.
Teamwork is not just a cliché at ESRI. You will have opportunities to engage with others throughout the company, allowing you to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and leverage their skills to accomplish a task. You will thrive in a creative, challenging work environment that promotes autonomy and leadership. At ESRI, you will work with some of the brightest minds in the software industry.

Develop your potential.
ESRI encourages employees to continually grow through lifelong learning. You will have opportunities to participate in job-related training classes designed to improve your technical, sales, interpersonal, and management skills. These might be workshops and seminars, on-site classes, or our own Virtual Campus courses. An expansive resource library maintains hundreds of GIS books and publications. You can also learn new skills by taking on projects outside of your regular responsibilities.

Outstanding benefits now and for your future.
ESRI cares about its employees’ well-being. You will have an outstanding benefits package including employer-paid medical and dental insurance for employees and eligible family members and vision and life insurance for employees, with an option to purchase additional coverage for eligible family members. ESRI provides profit sharing and 401(k) programs and offers occasional financial planning seminars. Tuition reimbursement is available, and two scholarships to the University of Redlands are awarded each year.

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