Friday, May 30, 2008

Mix Bowl Cafe, expect a health inspection soon

Speaking of David Allen, he revealed yesterday that Norma Torres hasn't been able to buy EVERYONE off:

In a blow to the campaign of Norma Torres for a state Assembly seat, the powerful Mix Bowl Cafe in Pomona has unveiled its endorsement of rival Maurice Ayala, allowing him to post one of his signs out in front of the restaurant.

The Goddess of Pomona was apparently unable to reach Ayala. Goddess, David Allen knows where to find him.

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But if Norma Torres buys - I mean wins - this election, will the Mix Bowl Cafe run into red tape?

Incidentally, the people at Mix Bowl Cafe are apparently better at serving food than designing a website. The page name that shows up at the top of my browser is "MIXBOWEL CAFE POMONA." Yuck...

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