Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sarah Le Clear gets around

I almost titled this post "George Washington slept here," but thought better of it.

When someone gets famous, and even when someone gets infamous, everybody wants to claim an association with the famous person.

As far as the Coyote Ugly website is concerned, Sarah Le Clear is from Los Angeles. But I've already posted information that talks about her association with Upland, and with Rancho Cucamonga, and with Whittier.

So, how about the East Bay? The article was written back in April, before it was officially revealed that Le Clear had won.

Walnut Creek native Sarah Le Clear, 26, is the latest East Bay product to make her mark in reality TV. She'll be one of the three featured finalists in Friday's finale of "The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search"....

Le Clear...was a cheerleader and a member of the choir at Northgate High School and spent one season as a Warrior Girl....

Le Clear can't reveal whether she won the competition, which was taped in January, but they'll be throwing a big finale party for her anyway Friday night at Ed's Mudville Grill in Clayton, where she once worked.

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