Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here comes the Rooster

This blog will have a new feature, beginning tomorrow, May 15.

I wanted to find a way for this blog to do three things:

  1. Feature some of the outstanding blogs and non-blog web pages that provide information about the Inland Empire.

  2. Include content that would help make this a destination blog that make the Huffington Post seem like a teeny outfit.

  3. Fill space, especially when I'm traveling or on vacation.
Thanks to Blogger's new "scheduled post publishing" feature, along with the knowledge that I have gained by blogging within the Inland Empire since 2003, I have created a new feature which I'll try out for a while.

At the beginning of every day, a post will magically appear on this blog that provides a link to a particular web site, and also contains my brief (one-sentence) impression of the site.

Because it publishes at the beginning of the day, the feature is called "Empoprise-IE Rooster." Catchy, huh?

I've already queued up the first few posts, which will start running beginning tomorrow. Hopefully none of the featured sites will go under in the next couple of days, but I doubt that will happen.

You'll really like the first site that I feature, which is...well, you'll have to come back on Thursday to find out.

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