Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frank Zappa's Inland Empire Addresses

Many people out here have written, or heard about, Frank Zappa's Inland Empire roots, including his infamous bust at Studio Z in Rancho Cucamonga. has documented several 1960s-era articles and other artifacts that relate to Zappa. The following addresses are referenced in the articles:

  • A March 9, 1962 Pomona Progress Bulletin article lists Zappa's home address as 314 West G Street in Ontario.

  • A September 19, 1963 letter from Dot Records; an August 31, 1964 letter from Robert A. Blackwell Westwood Artists; and a December 2, 1964 letter from KNXT (not KCBS) television, both list this same address.

  • An undated Ted Harp article on the Zappa/Lorraine Belcher arrest gives his address as the Studio Z address, 8040 N. Archibald Avenue in Cucamonga. This was over a decade before the city of Rancho Cucamonga was incorporated, which probably explains why Ontario police were involved.

Also see the Movieland Directory - just ignore the fact that they placed Archibald Avenue in Culver City, and ignore the dates altogether.

But if you want to find someone who knows what he's talking about, check David Allen's blog post on Zappa's Steve Allen appearance, which also delves into the Ontario years. Unfortunately I can't find a working link to the blog post itself, but you can find it in David Allen's November 2007 archives.

Also check Bill Lantz's picture series of places that replaced former places. Hey, it's been over 40 years...

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