Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ken White, 61st District Assembly Candidate, speaks to Goddess of Pomona

Goddess of Pomona requested candidate statements from the three Democratic candidates in California's 61st Assembly District. The first (and, as far as I know, the only) candidate to respond was Ken White.

Ken White's entire statement is at the Goddess of Pomona blog. Here's how it begins:


I would like to introduce myself to the bloggers here at the Goddess of Pomona’s website. My name is Ken White, Democratic candidate for the 61st Assembly District.

As I understand it, a “b”-“log” is a reference to an electronic logbook or diary. This kind of activity requires, I think, a dedication to honesty in part because the purpose of the activity is an attempt to learn something important. Honesty, as George Washington said, is “always the best policy.” In that spirit, I have been invited to make a statement here in order to help the community learn about one of their candidates for the 61st Assembly District in the Democratic primary election on June 3, 2008. I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself to you all, and I hope the following information is of some use to you. If not, then I invite you to pursue further inquiries with me directly through the campaign’s website at www.votekenwhite.com.

The best way to get to know me is to appreciate the importance of education in my life. My educational background reflects my commitment to honesty and learning, because education itself is a search for truth.

After additional discussion of his educational background, White discusses his legal background, his vow to "read bills before voting on them" (you'd think that's a given, but sadly it isn't), then states his policy priorities:

When it comes to policy priorities, I believe that Chino, Montclair, Ontario, and Pomona need better schools and more peace officers working neighborhood patrols.

After discussing specifics on schools and police, as well as other concerns, White closes as follows:

I am promising to be “the most representative Representative” in Sacramento. To do that, I need the help of ordinary, reasonable, and prudent people. So, please, tell your friends about this campaign; get informed and get involved. Let the voters know that they have a choice to put a fresh, frank voice in Sacramento—someone who will not be struck by the “star” power of the Governor, but rather someone who is capable and committed to providing for everyone by fighting for ideas that serve everyone. In this campaign, I am proud to say that I have not been bought by lobbyists—my campaign has been funded by individuals, so I do not owe any special interests any special favors. Whether waste or abuse comes from the left or the right of the ideological spectrum, if elected I will use the office of the Assembly to fight for common sense solutions that we can all believe in and support. Please vote for Ken White for Assembly this June 3rd. This is your government, so demand that it start working for you—not as a matter of charity, but as a right!

Read the entire statement here.

At this point I don't plan to solicit candidate statements of my own before the June primary - this blog is just starting, and readership hasn't really ramped up yet - but perhaps that's something that I could do for a future election.

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