Friday, November 25, 2011

I assume that Dana Cornalino likes the color pink

I probably know as much as you about Mary Kay Cosmetics. It's sold by individuals rather than stores. And if you do really well at it, you get a pink Cadillac.

But what I didn't know is that if you continue to do well, you get a SECOND pink Cadillac.

And so forth. According to Sandra Emerson, Upland's Dana Cornalino has earned her FIFTH pink Cadillac from Mary Kay.

Cornalino goes by the name "Dana in the pink."

If you'd like to her Dana earn her sixth car, her website is at

Incidentally, the story of why Mary Kay Ash actually started Mary Kay Cosmetics is interesting.

In 1939, Ash became as a salesperson for Stanley Home Products, hosting parties to encourage people to buy household items. She was so good at making the sale that she was hired away by another company, World Gifts, in 1952. Ash spent a little more than a decade at the company, but she quit in protest after watching yet another man that she had trained get promoted above her and earn a much higher salary than hers.

I couldn't determine whether World Gifts is still a going concern. Maybe they should have promoted Mary Kay.

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